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Electrolux High-Speed Washers

Electrolux Professional Laundry’s high-speed extraction washers minimize drying time and provide significant electrical and gas savings. Self-service laundries benefit from faster throughput (freeing up dryers, folding tables & parking spots) which creates higher profits. Customers can even receive a text message notifying them when their wash is done and ready for unloading! Increase your profits and create customers for life with the unique features of Electrolux Professional coin washers – available in sizes from 18-135 lb. capacities.

Electrolux Professional Line 5000 Washer features include:

  • Save up to 50% on water with Automatic Water Savings (AWS), automatically
  • Compass Pro – one knob does it all. Easy programming, more than 20 languages available, detailed user statistics & diagnostics, and more.
  • Extremely low water and energy consumption
  • Real-time clock for time of day pricing and happy hour/promotional pricing
  • USB in coin box, easily accessible
  • SuperBalance and PowerBalance for longer machine life and optimum extraction
  • Sanitizing Rinse for greater customer satisfaction and additional revenue
  • Text Messaging and Voice Guidance options
  • Heavy-duty construction

Put the powerful Electrolux brand to work for you with a fully-equipped Electrolux vended laundry.

​An Electrolux Professional coin laundry is a complete turn-key package. It includes store design, signage, expert marketing through Laundrylux Creative Services (LCS), and world-class Electrolux Professional coin laundry equipment designed to increase profits while dramatically saving water and energy.

Electrolux lets you focus on growing your business
Experienced laundry owners know they can rely on Electrolux Professional Laundry for superior engineering and exceptional design. The long-lasting equipment and parts let you focus on marketing and growing your business. Electrolux High-Speed Washers and Electrolux Energy-Efficient Dryers provide customers with the ultimate laundry experience. Easy to use machines with advanced technologies like Compass Pro, EcoPower, PowerBalance, Sanitizing Rinse, and optional text messaging and voice guidance features create customers for life and increase your profits.

Electrolux Energy-Efficient Dryers

With Electrolux Professional vended/ coin dryers, you can use up to 40% less gas and dry 12% faster than with competing brands. Pair Electrolux dryers with Electrolux high G-force washers, and you create an even stronger competitive edge: increased load capacities, faster drying, less wear and tear on garments, lower energy consumption, and time savings.  Your customers will love the fast drying and user-friendly controls. You’ll appreciate the “green” engineering, cost savings, easy operation, and years of low maintenance.

Electrolux Professional Line 5000 Dryer features:
Innovative, flexible, and simple to use. One knob does it all: program selection, diagnostics, and custom programming.

  • Compass Pro – innovative, flexible, and easy to use. One knob does it all: program selection, diagnostics, and custom programming. 55 standard programs and 15 custom programs and cycle names. More than 20 languages available.
  • Improved lint screen – best in the industry
  • Real time clock for time of day pricing, happy hour and promotional pricing
  • 1-phase reversing – standard
  • Dries 12% faster, saving 25%+ in gas due to axial airflow, tight construction, and reversing cylinders – standard
  • Save up to an additional 15% of energy consumption with EcoPower. Less wear-and-tear on garments and prevents over-drying

We are proud to offer precision-engineered Electrolux Professional coin laundry equipment designed specifically for the vended/coin laundry industry. 

​​​​​Electrolux Professional
​Coin Laundry Equipment